Baconfest Michigan Goes Rogue on the Streets

It’s doubtful if anyone will be able to sample all of the bacon-made goodies from over 30 restaurants, markets, food trucks and food producers at Baconfest Michigan. But leave it to two foodie guys about town to show you how to get creative with bacon at home.

Chef Tom Keshishian of Street Eatzz and BBQ Bob Perye of The Rogue Estate will team up for some fun at Baconfest Michigan’s live cooking demo feature, presenting bacon-forward variations of classic dishes with a supporting cast of familiar flavors.

To start things off the duo will present your new favorite party appetizer: Bacon Pops, a riff on the popular cake pop concept, made with cheeses, plenty of bacon, herbs and nuts, rolled, chilled and conveniently served on a Popsicle stick for easy enjoyment.

“We know there will be a lot of restaurants competing for everyone’s attention, so we really wanted to present something different,” BBQ Bob says.

Enter Chef Tom’s Pancetta Pasta Frittata, a simple dish that is as awesome after a bar crawl as it is to impress a dinner date. Don’t let the ingredients scare you; it’s an easy, leftover-friendly dish you’ll love.

Chef Tom’s Pancetta Pasta Frittata begins with a pile of pancetta in a sautÍ© pan, to which capers, sun-dried tomatoes, wild mushrooms and pre-cooked linguine are combined. Chef Tom’s 313 hot sauce (available in a market or restaurant near you soon) is added to the mix and the ingredients are tossed, then the whole thing is deglazed with (go figure) Bakon Vodka. Well-beaten eggs are added to cement it all together. The frittata is browned on both sides similar to an American omelet and finished with Gorgonzola cheese. Let it set up for a few to cool then cut into wedges and enjoy with a glass or two of your favorite nightcap.

“When Bob found out we had a couple of bottles of Bakon Vodka, I could see the BBQ spit turning in his head,” Chef Tom says. “‘Fire,’ he said. ‘We need to torch something.’ Well from there he brings us his take on Detroit’s Greektown favorite, saganaki.”

BBQ Bob’s Bakon Saganaki starts with a crisp baked pita round slathered with a custom made bacon jam developed for us by Shannon Byrne of Slow Jams Jam. A slab of semisoft white cheese is then browned on one side in a sautÍ© pan with a little bacon fat until the
top just begins to melt. In goes the Bakon Vodka and it’s flame on, followed with a squeeze of fresh lemon. With the booze burns off, the cheese is moved onto the pita and garnished with chive. The flavors blend together so well that you’ll need to make a bunch because no one will want to share.

Hungry yet? Join Chef Tom and BBQ Bob at Baconfest Michigan on June 2 at the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market to sample them and see how simple these dishes are to make at home. They’ll be in the Baconfest Michigan cooking demonstration area at 7 p.m.

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