Accessories, Re-Zipped!

Practically every piece of clothing has a zipper. Think about it…jeans, jackets, sweaters, purses, book bags, shoes and so on. When you discard an item, the zipper is still perfectly functional and useful, for the most part.

Meet Heather Sennabaum, “The Zipper Lady” and made in Michigan momma with a passion for all things that zip. Sennabaum was looking for a creative outlet to decompress after her difficult days at work but little did she know that her newfound hobby would take off and land her at Art Fairs across the state, including the upcoming  Berkley Art Bash.

“Zippers were attractive to me because I was reinventing their conventional use,” writes Sennebaum on her website,

Sennabaum repurposes vintage zippers by accessorizing with metal. Zippers are transformed into brooches, hair clips, headbands, Earrings, necklaces and bracelets, even flower vases can be made from the abundant material.

“My process began with the search for zippers. I was fortunate enough to find a lady that had 8000 zippers in her basement. She acquired them from her great grandmother that owned a sewing store,” added Sennabaum.

100% of Re-Zip It! items are made from used zippers, a true trash to treasure concept. The current trend of creating or acquiring something that has been cut from something else is booming, a contemporary approach to reduse, reuse, recycle. Sennabaum and her creations were featured on the  Today Show  while celebrating Earth Day. Berkley Art Bash attendees will find her at the Berkley Art Bash, Saturday June 9th. All of her creations can be found on  as well.

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