Wear Your Art on Your Sleeve at the Berkley Art Bash

One of the things I enjoy about art fairs is keeping an eye out for that special piece … not just to hang on a wall or adorn on a table, but to wear.

Why shouldn’t clothing and accessories be considered art? They’re thought of, created, handcrafted and can’t be bought in most stores. The greatest form of flattery of such work is not just to admire it, but to wear it show appreciation for the work and interpret your own expression of yourself.
The other neat thing about art as clothing and accessories is that it’s often art that’s affordable … affordable enough to wear and enjoy every day and any time.

The Berkley Art Bash features several clothing and accessory artists from around Michigan, including …

Mitten Made Perhaps it was being raised in Fairbanks, Alaska-born that got Allie Maldonado of Dearborn Heights knitting. Many of her Mitten Made caps, gloves and scarves are not only stylish in an earthy way, but also made from materials first sold or manufactured by Michigan local vendors. Plus, some of her pieces are crafted in acrylic yarn to accommodate people with sensitive skin.

Just Imagine As a pediatrician, Denise Schaffert adores children and has always enjoyed designing clothing and sewed for her own children. When a family tragedy forced a career change, she started Just Imagine, a clothing line of children’s clothing made with high-quality colorful and whimsical fabrics and details that’s stylish and comfortable enough for play.

Jo-Jo Bean As a managing partner for Dealer Concepts by day and a fiber artist/sewer in her free time, Jo-Jo Bean collects some of the coolest vintage fabrics in mostly faded from the past colors and patches (or should I say patchworks them up?) to make some really kicky skirts, aprons and other wearable art.

The Berkley Art Bash takes place on 12 Mile Road between Tyler and Wakefield streets in Berkley between 10 am. and 6 p.m. on Saturday, June 9.

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