Great Metro Detroit Burgers at the Twisted Rooster

It’s a little off the beaten path of metro Detroit, but if you have a chance to visit the  Twisted Rooster  restaurant, in either Belleville or Chesterfield, you should give it a try.


Even though the two nearby locations (there’s also one in Grand Rapids) are a bit of a drive, take some small comfort in knowing that the restaurant has a policy to “commit to the Mitt” – meaning that it focuses on local, seasonal products from Michigan. I can definitely get behind that.

I visited the Belleville location with my husband, sister and sister’s boyfriend to celebrate the boyfriend’s new job. They had been there before, but I hadn’t. First of all, drinks: My sister and her boyfriend each had a Faygo pop (of course), my husband had a Michigan-made beer, and I was thrilled to discover a delicious Michigan blueberry cider on the menu. Then, an appetizer: What do you get when you combine nachos and waffle fries? Waffle fries topped with nacho topping goodness, of course! Holy cow, were these good. We gobbled them down.

I started with a house salad, which included pieces of Michigan apple and Michigan dried cherries. It was interesting, but pretty good. We each got something different for dinner: The boyfriend got some mac and cheese, my sister had a chicken sandwich, my husband had a Michigan buffalo burger, and I had a Michigan steak. First of all, the steak was cooked as I actually ordered it – medium well – when most places overcook it. And, it was fabulous! The mashed potatoes and veggies were well-done, too. I stole some of my husband’s fries, which were also delicious. We were too full for dessert, but the Hudsonville ice cream sure looked yummy.

We left the restaurant full and happy, and vowing to come back soon. Like I said, it’s a little out of the way, but perfect if you’re meeting friends from Ann Arbor or something – no one has to drive too far.

Have you been? What did you think? What did you have?

Image courtesy of  dblstripe via Flickr

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