Educating the Foodie at Food Dance

The Food Dance philosophy is all about farm-fresh and artisan food, but it’s not enough to offer all that in its restaurant, market and bakery. It’s also about educating foodies and having fun with food.

“Our guests really want to know the processes we go through,” says Michelle Miller, growth and development director at Food Dance.

Classes at Food Dance are more than just about cooking, like its class on butchering on March 12.

“We started doing our own butchering in-house last year, and we wanted to do a class that shows people some techniques they can use at home,” Miller says.

The butchering class also includes some information on charcuterie, the art of sausage making and drying and curing meats.

Some classes are set up in a kitchen setting while others, like its cheese tasting class on April 11 and cocktail class on May 23, are set up at stations where attendees get to learn about a variety of cheeses or sample and learn to make cocktails in small or one-on-one settings.

Some of the most popular classes are the grilling classes at Food Dance that are held on the roof of the restaurant in an open and airy setting. Attendees will learn about tools, techniques, the uses for charcoal and wood, and, of course, sample lots of good food and drinks.

Don’t wait too long to sign up for any of these classes. Miller says one of the grilling classes in June is already booked.

Food Dance is located at 401 E. Michigan Avenue in Kalamazoo.

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