BBQ on a Budget

Breakfast on the go is often how many of us find ourselves fitting in the all-hailed most important meal of the day.

While rushing around in the morning to fit every “morning task” in, breakfast often finds itself being the forgotten one. We have to get dressed and gather belongings, and many must see off significant others and/or children, only to leave one of the most important morning rituals overlooked. When the clock is already reading five minutes past the time you  neededto leave, breakfast is all of a sudden an overwhelming thought.

Now that you are are running late, stopping somewhere on the way to work is not an option. The thought of buying overpriced breakfast food from the cafeteria at work makes you cringe. Really, two dollars for a plain bagel with butter? Not to mention you do not even like bagels.

So you look on the counter… nothing. You open the pantry… nothing to grab. You open the refrigerator… cold pizza, maybe; cereal, not enough time; hard-boiled egg, ehh; apple, sounds good. You grab a piece of cold pizza and an apple and off you go.

Sure,  maybe  you will feel full after this breakfast combination, but will you be satisfied and have sufficient energy for the day?

There are some staple foods that you can keep around the house for days when you are running late. Keep these breakfast bites around for when you are on the go in the morning. You might even like them so much that they will become your standard go-to foods instead of saving them for mornings when you are in a rush.

  1. That hard-boiled egg  you saw in the refrigerator actually would have been a great choice.
  2. Individual cups of low-fat yogurt  are great to eat on the go and have plenty of carbs and protein to fill you up and give you energy.
  3. Whole-grain toast or English muffins with peanut butter  will give you protein and some good fats, if time allows you to quickly pop something in the toaster.
  4. Grab some low-fat cheese and crackers  and off you go – a great way to start your day.
  5. If you have time to cook something but not enough time to eat at home, make yourself a breakfast wrap.  Fill a whole-grain tortilla shell with eggs, cheese and peppers, or peanut butter and a sliced banana.
  6. Pop some instant oatmeal  in a coffee mug, heat it up in the microwave and take it with you.
  7. Fill small bags with individual servings of morning trail mix.  Dried bananas, dried cranberries, almonds, and dried mango makes for a delicious combo.
  8. Get yourself a one-cup coffee maker.  Program it the night before and grab your coffee in the morning on your way out the door.
  9. Buy a pack of muffins and wrap them individually.  This way they are easy to grab and easy to eat en route.
  10. Apples, bananas and strawberries.  Pre-mixed fruit salad is easy to eat and you can prepare it ahead of time and have enough for a whole week in individual containers.
  11. Granola bars  are tasty and good for you – you can’t go wrong with these pre-packed bars.

So next time you hit snooze one too many times and pop out of bed in a scurry, just remember these quick ideas for breakfast on the go!

What do you grab for breakfast when you’re running late?

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