Super Bowl Dreams Do Come True

And it’s not the Giants that are in the present spotlight…

it’s a dog named Huff and $20.

Screenshot from USA Today

My favorite ad of the Super Bowl was “Man’s Best Friend.” About the great dane who bribed his owner with bags of Doritos chips, to keep quiet over knowing the fate of missing Fluffy the cat.

It seems that I wasn’t the only one who thought this commercial was geniusly funny. So did USA Today and a panel of judges.

Let’s step back for a second to understand how this commercial came to be made. A creative guy enters a Doritos customer-based contest to create a commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl. Out of over 6000 enteries, his commercial was selected as ‘the one.’

After the Super Bowl was over, all commercials are voted on, to decide which is the fan favorite. “Man’s Best Friend” was voted the best. Beating out all other commercials featuring a gamut of who’s who.

Now, where does the $20 come in? That’s how much Jonathan Friedman, of Virginia Beach, spent to film the commercial plus add the props; the bags of Doritos being the most important prop. For his creativity, Friedman will come away with one million dollars.

Of course, the actor in the commercial and Huff the dog will be duly rewarded, they both did a great job. It’s great to see this kind of creativity and drive be rewarded, let’s you know that anything is possible if you just take action.




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