The Best of Clawson: Flip Side

Walking into this cool shop really ignites the senses.  The smell, the vibe, the cool stuff throughout.  It’s a collectors dream especially if you have a love for vinyl records!  You’ll find cd’s that you couldn’t find anywhere else along with gear for indie bands that isn’t at your local FYE.

Owner Todd Fundaro took over the shop for his father which opened 27 years ago.  You can really feel his passion for the store radiating as he talks about the history.  Not only that but his staff feels just as much passion as he does for the music and the memories.

We’re calling this vintage music shop the “Best of Clawson!”  Why?  Because there is no better place to go if you are in love with music…and it’s one of those stores where you walk in and say, “I have to buy this!” because you know the chances of ever seeing it again is slim! Check out Flip Side and feel the vibe!!


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