Who’s Ready to Rock?! Like, at School…

Jason GillingerJason Gillinger

I recently met with  Jason Gittinger,  founder of The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music(DSRP) and drummer for the band  The Mega 80²s, to get a look at his environmentally-friendly operation with flooring from the Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum and doors and windows from an architectural salvage warehouse in Detroit.   Upon first walkabout, I knew I was in my kind of place.   I am a self-professed music geek, so I love to hang out in places where music is made.   Add on the fact that I like folks that are socially- and environmentally-conscious, which Jason made obviously clear [without directly saying it], I was sold.   But this piece is for more so the reader who has never heard of   The Detroit School of Rock and/or cannot really understand why there is a need for such a service, as I had that question initially before entering Jason’s fine establishment.

I had this long piece that I was going to post regarding how cool Jason is and why it is a no-brainer to want to be involved with DSRP, but I think I will leave you with a quote from Jason in my conversation/interview with him.   We were talking basically about why a place like The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music is significant for him beyond being his business. Jason had a lot of insightful things to say, but he gave me a nugget that I think we can all use in our daily lives – whether we want to be a rock guitarist, serial blogger or … whatever:

… I can only do things to create a positive place when I’m gone. Creating an institution that trains people to do good, positive things for other people through music will only help those people realize that wow it’s music and its all about me and how cool I am and getting people to look at me, but getting people to look at you only gets them to look at you.  You better give them something better in return.

DSRP is getting decent coverage in the media (click to see a Fox 2 News story), so I really don’t need to retread what you could google. If anything, you should just go and check out the operation, especially if you’ve been aching to get involved in something musically. What better way to do it than joining a band and knowing you’ll be on stage within a finite amount of time?

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