A Middle Aged Woman

A middle-ish aged woman

Who lived in a house

With five bratty children

And an even brattier spouse.

To the meals they were fed,

Each turned up their nose.

So she sent them hungry to bed.

And refused to fold clothes.

Not a single kid cared-

Oh, the slobs that they are.

Leaving their crap EVERYWHERE

Throughout the house and the car.

And the brattier spouse…

Waaaaay too much he demanded

From his middle-ish aged wife

Who was only TWO handed.

But what does Dad do

To help with HIS house?

Besides yell at the kids

And belittle his spouse?

Oh this middle-ish aged woman

Who lives in a house…

Is SO sick of those children…

And that ungrateful louse.

So listen up guys…

The six of you twits.

You can do it yourself

Because this woman QUITS!!

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