7 Pains you Should Never Ignore

Image: Courtesy of Chiropractic Louisville via Flickr

Our bodies experience a zillion change in our lifetime and sometimes we can get used to and begin to ignore  pains and quirks that really beg for our attention.

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, though whatever’s wrong can sometimes be paused or overpowered by a pill, some rest or a change in diet but here are seven pains you should never write off as just whatever:

Chest Pain: If it’s chest pain that doesn’t go away,  is accompanied by varied shortness of breath or upper body pain that hasn’t occurred before, seek help.

Severe Headache: While it could be a migraine, if it doesn’t exhibit typical migraine symptoms like light and sound sensitivity, there is cause for real concern

Throbbing Tooth: The case may be that your toothache is not simply a consequence of eating too much candy. It could be that the protective enamel that surrounds the nerves in your mouth have decayed to the point that your nerves are left vulnerable to infection. Think about how everything in your mouth goes through your body..

Sharp pain in your side: Maybe you need Maalox. Or maybe if your stomach hurts and you feel nauseated and feverish you facing emergency surgery because of appendicitis. Coupling of symptoms are usually the kicker.

Abdominal discomfort with gas & bloating: Flatulence could be the cause for these fanny-kicking pains. But, according to Prevention Magazine, In 2007, the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation released the first national consensus on early symptoms of this form of cancer: bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, and difficulty eating. If you start experiencing them almost daily for more than two or three weeks, consider it a red flag.

Back pain with tingling toes: Back pain accompanied by extremities that don’t operate at capacity are cause for concern. You may be dealing with a nerve that’s being compressed by the disks in your spine.

Leg Pain with Swelling: You ever get a bruise on your leg that you feel and can’t remember where it came from? Well this isn’t the same . If your calf is extremely tender in one location, noticeably swollen, and red or warm to the touch, you may have a blood-clot, which can be deadly  if it detaches and travels to your lungs.

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