Enjoying the midwest’s beautiful lakes and rivers

michigan rivers and lakesThere was a great story at MLive.com today about how awesome it is being close to all the water that makes up our great state of Michigan. I’ve lived here nearly my whole life, and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve never worked a job that depended on the water, like the people featured in the story, but I sure have spent a lot of time swimming, canoeing and playing in Michigan’s lakes and rivers.

I grew up on the Saginaw Bay, and would often ride my bike down to the park to watch the ships go in and out. We spend nearly every summer of our lives on a camping trip to a state park, and those trips would always include at least one canoe trip, not to mention the time we spent frolicking on the beach of that state park. When we moved more inland when I was a teenager, there was nowhere for me to watch ships or canoe, but I still enjoyed swimming and playing at the inland lakes.

Now, living in Detroit, I’m a mile away from an international waterway. I’m at Belle Isle all the time in the summer, and even did my first triathlon there. My husband and I still enjoy walking down by the river, listening to the waves and watching the boat traffic. And we also enjoy vacations to other bodies of water, such as camping with friends or spending time at the family’s cabin up in the thumb.

What do you think? How much time to you spend on Michigan’s waterfronts? Have you ever had a job dependent on Michigan lakes and rivers?

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