I Love Coffee!

Even during the dog days of summer, hot coffee is still the preferred beverage at my job.   The popularity of the caffeinated liquid never ceases to amaze me.   We don’t even have to jump in the car if we’re jonesing for java. I can count five coffee shops within walking distance of my workplace.   Four are chains and one is a local favorite.   The homey and eclectic Water Street Coffee Joint, established 1993 in downtown Kalamazoo has several locations in the area including the cafÍ© inside Hardings on West Main.   What is so special about Water Street Coffee?   “It’s the customer service that brings the coffee lovers back and the location,” said Lawanda Mast, manager of the West Main location. Mast also added, “Those that have grown to love The Water Street Coffee Joint don’t have to go downtown and make that extra trip.   They can just go to their local grocery store.”

Quality is a key word when describing Water Street’s product. They truly are coffee connoisseurs.

Mast aptly sums up the reason for Water Street’s appeal, “it’s a good cup of coffee. The beans have not been under roasted or over roasted.   It’s that good across the board cup of coffee.     Some places will over roast their beans to the point that they’re almost burnt. And other places don’t roast them enough so you’re not bringing out that flavor of the coffee you could get.   Water Street just, well, they just hit it.   If somebody serves me a good cup of coffee, I’ll tell them.   Every cup is that perfect good cup of coffee.”

In the dead of winter, or in mid-July, I’ve come to realize that coffee can be your friend year round.

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