Does your office have health and fitness programs?

office exerciseI always joke — well, half-joke — that my office should pay for my gym membership. It keeps me healthy, saving them on health care costs. And it keeps me sane, limiting the amount of inner-office strangulations. (Most days.)

Well, there’s at least one local workplace that is taking a more active role in the health and wellness of its employees. This story talks about St. John Providence Health System’s methods of keeping its employees healthy — nurse managers for those who have chronic conditions, incentives to lose weight, etc. That got me thinking — should employers take a more active role in their employee’s health?

Of course, there’s always the question of how much information they’ll have about your personal life. No one wants their workplace to know how much they weigh (unless it’s something to be proud of) or if they drink or smoke socially. But I’ve often thought that that investing in their employees’ health is just that — an investment. Provide a healthy environment and it’ll come back to them with happy, healthy employees and reduced health care costs.

If I could invent my dream job as far as contributing to health and fitness, there would be plenty I’d put into place. I’d make my dream job have a flexible schedule, so if I want to run a few miles after spin class, I’m not racing to work afterward. Of course, ideally, that dream job would allow you to work out on the clock. And, just for good measure, I’d thrown in a free lunch buffet — a huge salad bar and otherwise healthfully prepared foods — and maybe a box of veggies for you to take home for dinner. And as long as I’m dreaming, free massages. For stress relief, you know. And, of course, to pay for that gym membership in the first place.

Do any local offices have health and fitness programs? What would you like too see at your office?

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