Traveling with Kids: Finding Time for Sex

love traveling. I love my kids. But traveling with kids is so difficult. For more reasons than just the obvious traveling –with- kids type issues.

The main reason is…SEX.

There never seems to be an opportune time or place to have it when you travel with a gaggle of kids.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been sort of busted by one kids or another walking in on us, early morning, mid special hug. Oh, the fabulous stories of what we are doing that we’ve come up with, they’ve been award-winning.

Now that they are older and more, um…aware, the excuses of what they think they might be seeing, those just don’t work any more.


So, what’s a couple to do when they want to travel yet they have to schlep along the offspring?

Here’s some advice (not guaranteed to work) from me to you:

*Hello bathroom. Oh, how we all adore doors that lock. The kids think one parent is going to the bathroom while the other is showering…unless they’re my kids, who automatically assume correctly what is really happening.

*Adjoining rooms, if feasible. In my situation, with 5 kids, it’s a necessity. We can’t possibly all fit into one room. I love that. Many swear by adjoining rooms. Personally, I need separate hotels in order to have a little one on one with my hubby. My kids have no problem ignoring the do not disturb warnings. But yeah…get a separate room, if only to have that extra bathroom.

*Bring a sitter. Seriously. It’s a life-saver. Have the sitter take the kids for a snack, the pool…ANYWHERE…for even a half an hour. Because, let’s be real, that’s all the time we really need anyways.

*Rent a condo instead of a hotel. Sometimes it’s less expensive! Also, there are more rooms and more lockable doors!!

*Get your fill of sex in before leaving on vacation because who knows if any of these little bits of advice will work.

When your kids are little, it’s that much easier. You decide what time you want them to go to sleep and they are asleep, leaving you a little adult time before passing out with exhaustion.

When they are older and become vampires, mornings are, most likely, your better friend than evening. My kids sleep until noon, except my little guy who wakes up at the crack of dawn. Thankfully, he loves Spongebob, who is on all day, every day.

I’d love to hear what tid-bit of sage advice you have because, quite frankly, having 5 kids with five different personalities, we’re lucky to get to actually use the bathroom for what it’s intended for, in peace, let alone getting it on.
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