Arcade Fire’s Grammy win stirs up Internet swarm

I admit I haven’t tuned into the Grammy awards with any real regularity the past few years. I thought the show lost a bit of its excitement and zeal.

Maybe I was wrong.

Sunday’s show was the talk of Twitter yesterday and it seems people can’t get over the coup that Merge Recording artists Arcade Fire walked home with the award of the night – album of the year for their third effort The Suburbs. That’s the band Arcade Fire and the album The Suburbs.

If you read the hilarious posts still going on the Tumblr site WhoIsArcadeFire you might be confused.

At one point posts had the band and album name confused. Some shout-outs insisted that Detroit’s own Eminem was robbed. Others seemed to think that because the band was “lesser known” the entire affair had to be fixed. I can assure you Arcade Fire does exist.

The band stole my heart with its first release – 2004’s Funeral. And while the group might not have the amount of regular airplay its fellow nominees – Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum and Eminem – often enjoyed, Arcade Fire earned the nod all the same. Always a fan of the underdog I’ll go out on that limb and say with pride, I was glad to see the band win – and feel they completely deserve it. As a Detroiter I am confident that statement alone opens me up to be interpreted as some sort of anti-Slim Shady basher. Not so. But anyone who knows me personally also knows I’m a former rock critic. While I hold plenty of hometown pride, I’m an indie rock girl at heart.

And music is nothing if not a personal expression, right?

So it begs the question – must the album of the year be granted to the most popular or most played band? Is that what the industry has become? Is this what all our efforts to American Idolize the industry has gotten us? Or is this backlash about something more?

Convince me. Tell me who should have won the Grammy for Album of the Year and why. Leave a comment below.

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