After Your Hysterectomy – Part I

So your surgery is over. Now begins the road to recovery.

The First Two Weeks

The first two weeks are probably the hardest. Except for the second two weeks. And sometimes weeks six and seven are a bear too.

You can swing from feeling good to feeling awful and back again in one day. Hell, sometimes your mood will swing so quickly that people will have to wear helmets around you! And ponchos if you’ve been drinking!

During this time your body will be handling getting rid of the anesthesia left in your system as well as other drugs you received at the hospital. Anesthesia alone can give you night terrors, cold sweats, hallucinations, crying jags, and the heebie jeebies up to two weeks after surgery. Doesn’t it make you mad you took the drugs in the first place?

But the good news is you will be in less and less pain in the first two weeks. The most important thing to remember is this – two weeks goes very fast. Unless of course, you have just had abdominal surgery. Then the time will drag by. Anyway, by the time you go for your two-week recheck you will be feeling much better and you will feel progressively better as more time goes by, unless of course, you have just had abdominal surgery.


Many women find their own beds (especially waterbeds) hard to sleep in. The movement of your mate, cat, dog, bowels or hamster can cause you discomfort – especially for those who had abdominal surgery! You will find yourself protecting your incision like a Ming vase or those really, really good chocolates you only get at Christmas.

So what can you do? Try sleeping on a couch, or better yet in a recliner at a fancy hotel in Hawaii for the first few days. A pillow under your knees for a little extra elevation takes the pressure off of your abdominal muscles and lower back. A pillow under your feet, knees, hips, shoulders and head takes the pressure off of your abdominal muscles, lower back, thighs and naughty bits. Beer helps too.

If you feel you want to sleep in your bed with your mate (or even someone else’s), I suggest a pillow placed between you to ward of any accidental contact with your incision. A large piece of plywood shaped like a pipe-smoking cowboy, painted black and placed carefully in the center of the bed is also a good way to cut down on accidental contact also.

It is wise to use something to pull yourself up out of bed instead of using your abdominal muscles. This is where that ceiling trapeze you have at home will come in handy! If you have recently removed the trapeze because you had company visiting you could rent a winch at the local fix-it shop.

To Be Continued…

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