Good Eats, now with Carry-out!

There’s nothing quite like good food.
There’s nothing quite like good food that’s good for you.
And there’s nothing quite like when your favorite restaurant finally decides to do carryout.

Screech! Huh? Wait a minute! Doesn’t every restaurant have carry out?

Well, I don’t know about every restaurant, but one of my all-time favorite restaurants, for as long as I’ve been a patron, and that’s been about 20 years, did not have carry-out.

First off, the food is incredible. I would go once or twice a week.. I’d tell everyone I knew about it. From it’s former location in Detroit’s Trappers Alley, to it’s location in Ferndale, as long as they were in reasonable driving distance, I was there.

Sometimes it was a bit frustrating though. Why? There’s a sister location in Ann Arbor, and hey, they had carry-out, at least for lunch. Why not the one I frequented?

So, for years, at every visit, I’d always ask “Carry out yet?” It got to the point that my waitress and I would just nod at each other and smile. She knew the question, I knew the answer. I waited patiently. Certainly, one day they’d relent.

Well the day has arrived, and relent came in a big way. As per their message on their carry-out menu “After 25 year of exclusively providing our in-dining experience, The Blue Nile Restaurant is proud to share the full taste of Ethiopia for you to enjoy in your private setting. We also offer catering for your special events.”

Whatever the reasons that brought about the relent, I am overjoyed and delighted. Now in addition to a sit-down at the restaurant, I can finally enjoy some of my favorite food in the comfort of home. Oh, and I don’t forget to order the white-chocolate covered, vanilla bean, cheesecake, either. 🙂



The Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant - Ferndale

Chita Hunter

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