What Would You Do?

John Quinones ABC reporter from Primetime, ABC News, and 20/20 hosts a series of reports called “What Would You Do?”.   The special reports test human nature via hidden cameras.   Each episode features scenarios in which a good samaritan would be expected to intervene.   The episodes deal with bullying, racism, abuse and more.   Actors give and receive the insults and abuse while unsuspecting citizens look on.   The objective of the show is to see who will get involved and stand up for the victims.

I assume that most of us while watching the show have an opinion about our own involvement in these types of situations.   Recently, I found out what I would do when faced with a bad situation.

The other day I was out walking my dog and a visitor came out of my building with a dog of her own.   It was just a little thing, a dachshund, which I noticed right away.   I used to have a dachshund, she passed away over a year ago, but still when I see one, it tugs at my heart.   Anyway, the little one was not on a leash and he came charging across the parking lot to see what we were doing.   Little dogs are known to charge at other dogs.   I think it’s a defense thing.   The owner yelled at him and said “I’m gonna beat you.”   I told her not to worry I had my dog under control and it was okay.   I complimented the little guy.   I did this to distract her from being mad as much as I did it because he was such a cutie. Well she made good on her threat.   When she reached the little dog, she hit him on the back.   He yelped and it made my blood boil.

I hate when people don’t take responsibility for their pets.   They are animals and animals do unexpected things.   Hell, people do unexpected things why would we expect more from our pets?   I felt it was her fault for not having the dog on a leash.     Not only is it a rule here at Eastwood Village Apartments, it only makes sense.   I would never take my dog out without one.   I hate to see it.   Even the best trained dog can take off after a squirrel or another dog.   I would not take the chance with her life not to be on a leash.

I knew when she made the threat I was going to say something if she indeed did hit the dog.   Of course, I did.   At first I told her it was not a good idea to hit the dog on the back as those dogs have back problems to begin with.   When that elicited a dirty look, she was in for an earful.   I told her it was her fault the dog ran, that he should be on a leash.   I let her know that visitor or not, it was a rule here, a rule for the safety of all including her dog.   I also let her know that if she visited again, and I saw her abuse the dog again, I would report her.   I meant it and I will.

Did my intervention do any good?   No, probably not.   In fact I know it didn’t.   I saw the same girl today, with the same dog, visiting the same friend and of course the dog was not on a leash.   The only difference this time was that she also had a toddler with her who she wasn’t paying attention to either.   When her friend saw me and my dog, she scooped up the pup and told the little girl to follow along.   I was at least glad that someone was paying attention to the defenseless little pup and little girl.

I really like my neighbor and I intend on having a conversation with her.   I will not apologize, but will explain my point of view and hope she respects it.   I don’t want any trouble with my neighbors.   We all respect each other here.   I wouldn’t call my neighbors my friends, but we all get along.   I know that my intervention may put that at risk.   Some people will never see past what you did to the real reason you did it.   I will stand by my intervention.   I can only hope that I will continue to care enough about the world around me to continue to intervene for the helpless and downtrodden.   So next time I see the show “What Would You Do?” no matter the outcome I can be sure to say that I will get involved.

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