Downtown dates: A night at the Globe

Yesterday was a much needed refreshment after weeks of not letting loose. Music, drinks and old friends is really the perfect medicine to get over a long day at work.

Two beautiful voices took over the stage at the Globe Theatre in the basement of Shakespeare’s on Kalamazoo Avenue in downtown Kalamazoo.

Formerly The Laughing Post and venue to host Charlie Murphy and Tracy Morgan, the place now has a new look and new local acts to bring in the party.

Two members of the quartet Dooley Noted  took the stage and won over the audience. Megan Dooley treated the audience to crisp, strong vocals that resonated in the dark room. Her voice is like the dong of a bell, perfectly toned and demanding of your attention. She was the perfect act to open for Meagan McNeal. Dooley Noted’s blend of blues, rock and jazz left the audience wanting more and ready for McNeal to continue the party.

McNeal filled the stage with a full band. Well-rehearsed and immensely talented, her band included a bass, drummer, keyboardist, trumpet player and two backup singers.

The band did covers of Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder and Jill Scott, plus a couple of songs of her own. The knock out performances were of   Badu’s “Call Tyrone” in which the entire audience, black and white, animatedly sang along, and Pharrell’s “Blow it away.”

“Blow it away” was the last song of the night and the band stretched it out to a jumping, shouting, dancing good time about ten times as long as the song normally is, allowing each instrumentalist and vocalist a solo.

Dooley Noted and McNeal will perform on May 15. McNeal will take the stage once again at the Globe and Dooley will rock out at Bell’s Brewery down the street. More details to come, so keep checking the blog!


Shawntai Brown was born with a silver pen. Not really, but her entire life centers around writing. She currently is a copy editor for Booth Newspapers, a playwright (support the eLLe series) and a blogger. Born in 1986, she is a second eldest of four children. She was raised in Detroit under the shelter and protective parenting of her mother (who died when Shawntai was young) and father on the west side. She attended Cass Tech High School and was a participant in City-wide Poets throughout high school. She also did acting. She graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in creative writing and experience in journalism and Spanish. Having worked for the school paper, she was able to score an internship with the Kalamazoo Gazette right out of college, which then led her to the Grand Rapids Press. Her intern's wages and wonderful co-signer/grandfather afforded her the luxury of living in the plush accommodations of Paragon Properties. And thus the story of this young professional continues. ... 


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