Wolfman Mac’s Horror Show


Michigan’s own Wolfman horror show host “Wolfman” Mac Kelly is donning the claws more often these days. His Chiller Drive-In show, which originally aired on Troy’s non-profit station CMN-TV is now nationally syndicated. It airs at 10 p.m. Saturdays on cable’s Retro TV Network, bringing the Wolfman into homes all across the country.

If – like me – you grew up watching Count Scary, Sir Graves Ghastly or The Ghoul, you won’t want to miss Wolfman Mac and his cast of creepy, comedic characters on Chiller Drive-In.

Tonight – and on the first Thursday of every month – you’ll get a chance to meet the Wolfman in-the-fur, if you will.  Wolfman Mac is making monthly appearances at Royal Oak’s Main Art Theatre for his Attack of the Killer B’s scary movie screenings.

Tonight he presents the classic William Castle spooktacular House on Haunted Hill,  starring  Vincent Price.  Stop by to find out what happens when and eccentric millionaire and his wife invite 5 strangers to stay at their mysterious mansion, each promised $10,000 if they survive the night. The film screens at 7 tonight, April 1 – no fooling. Tickets are $5 kids, $7 students and $9 adults. Call (238) 263-2111 for details.

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