Let Me Eat What I Want to, Damn It!


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Let Me Eat What I Want To, Damn It!

A foreigner tells us what to eat and what not to.

Kalamazoo may need a little help too!

It’s the British invasion turn on its ear!   Has it not been more than 230 years since the U.S.A. gained independence from the vice grip of the British Empire???   Since modern times we’ve dominated in every way and we’re proud of it.   The U.S. has its global footprint on just about everything; certainly in music, pop culture and mass production. Most lately we’ve taken our penchant for fast, fattening food and scattered our taste buds across the planet.

We are the BIG ‘Dawgs’, literally, and don’t want anybody telling us what to do or how to think!   But perhaps our particular brand of braggadocio and vibrato has come to bite us in the bum.   It’s the so called chickens coming home to roost.

In music, Simon Cowell has been down right mean, nasty and dictatorial through his critiques on American idol…. Not to mention, he’s making a boat load of money here.

Child rearing…reality television’s ‘Supernanny’ has shaken up suburbia with her little-bitty-Brit car, tiny eye glasses, and tough, no nonsense style of keeping our naughty children in line.  

And now with our big gulps, super sizing, and ‘all-you-can-eat’ mentality we’re getting a ‘Brit Bailout’ of a different kind.      

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver, ‘food evangelist,’ turned Huntington, West VA upside down on a new ABC reality show.   His monumental goal is to get this country’s unhealthiest region healthy again by changing the way the residents eat.  

A local radio personality took Jamie to task during an interview for imposing his views upon the 5-county wide metro area.   But, instead, it was nearly ‘on a dime’ that the radio host had a change of heart when Jamie took him to a local mortuary, where orders for ‘double wide’ caskets are increasingly in demand (you could fit 3 regular sized bodies in these things!)  

Here’s the rub…. Michigan fat figures are less than 3 percentage points behind West Virginia.   We’re pretty bad off too.     Kalamazoo’s s fat figures are in the middle with  Detroit and Marquette -for example-on the high side and Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti and Midland on the low side.      

Don’t forget, you don’t have to be fat to be unhealthy.   As a matter of fact Americans still manage to live longer with our high-tech health system.     Kate Wunderlin at Natural Health Center on West Main agrees that our food is not killing us as much as it’s making us sick , and she adds, that it comes down to quality not simply quantity of life.  

So remember that’s more home cooking with good ingredients and vegetables (yes, Jamie says, fresh Russet potatoes included), not processed junk.

Near Dover Hills, Natural Health is a great place to learn more about nutrition. I’ve been shopping there for years.   And, places like Harding’s and even Wal-Mart have decent to fair produce deals and both have increased their stock in organic goods.    

Natural Health Center can be reached at 269 342-9459.

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